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Bryan Lieberman
Michael Youpa Sr.
 Vice President
Carolyn McLaughlin
 Office Manager
Steve Statler
 Lead Project Manager
Steve Borruso
 Lead Estimator
Jay Mauzey
Project Manager
 Safety Director
Craig Hartman
Jonathan Murphy
Low Voltage System Project Manager
Frank Bruno
Assistant Project
Rick Defrain
Business Development
Alex Kreiger
Service Manager
 Safety Coordinator
Michael Youpa Jr.
Warehouse Manager
Michael Piripavel
Service Technician
Christopher Fiducia
Service Technician
Adam Croshaw
Commercial Service Tech
Head of Security


At BEI Electrical, we are family oriented and passionate about giving back to the community and one of the ways we do that is with our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. We along with vendors and industry partners provide a week of groceries along with a full Thanksgiving meal through local church outreach programs. Our first year we provided these items for 50 families and have continued to grow that amount every year doing 75 families the second year and 100 families the third.


"Holy Family is truly thankful to BEI Electrical for providing 20 Thanksgiving dinners to our parish families. Each dinner came complete with a vase of flowers and a gift for each family. Thank you BEI, we are truly grateful!"

                                                 -Holy Family Church


BEI began its history in the late 1960s; it started as Bollinger Electric by its founder David Bollinger. David began by doing electrical work for local new home builders and became instantly successful. Bollinger Electric became known for the great quality of work that was provided for the residential marketplace. David incorporated Bollinger Electric in 1978 and built a business that was highly successful in residential electrical contracting. Dave continued his business through the early 1990s. At this point, due to the decline in the marketplace, he began to think about closing and retiring to Florida, but he wanted to ensure his son had a source of income.


David Bollinger and William Dietrich were both having lunch at the same establishment and happened to meet. They began to chat about business in general. At the time, William (Bill) was working for a contractor in East Stroudsburg and in the finishing stages of a very large project. David mentioned that he was no longer interested in continuing the business, but felt obligated to his son, Robert, who really wanted to learn the commercial side of construction. The piqued Bill’s interest as he was looking into acquiring his own business at some point. He was, at one point, a one-third owner of another electrical company and enjoyed the experience. He knew this would be a great opportunity given the experience he had. David and Bill continued to talk and finally in April of 1993, Bill because part of Bollinger Electric. The business transformed from a small residential electrical contractor into a major player in the commercial and residential marketplace in the Lehigh Valley.


David retired fully in 1998, at which point Bill and Robert worked together. In 2009, Bill became sole owner of the company and the company started doing business as BEI Electrical.


Bill hired Bryan Lieberman in 2010. Bryan worked in the field for several years as a Job Supervisor and eventually transitioned into the office position of Vice President working directly with Bill until his retirement in December of 2017. Following Bill’s retirement, Bryan became the sole owner and president of BEI Electrical.


Bryan became interested in the electrical field at a young age. He enrolled in the cooperative education program in high school and continued his education, receiving his Master Electricians License. He is involved in the community, working with high school students that are interested in the electrical industry by providing a cooperative education program through BEI Electrical. Bryan volunteers a lot of his time with Skills USA. He also supports many charitable events and organizations. Bryan is looking forward to being an asset to the community as well as leading BEI into a prosperous future.



Congratulations to our

2020 Bridges Scholarship Recipients!


Joshua Behm

Liberty HS


Alex Balash

Liberty HS

Bethlehem Area Vocational Technical School made a special trip out to BEI Headquarters to learn what we’re all about! After a thorough tour of our office and property, the students were then presented with all of the job opportunities that the electrical field has to offer. From inside office jobs in project management and estimation, to various field positions besides a commercial electrician, such as underground electrical and low voltage electrical crew members.


ABC Contractor Affiliation


We are proud to be a continuing  partner of the Eastern Pennsylvania chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors the last 6 years.

Congratulations to our

2020 ABC Apprenticeship Graduates!

Frank Wismer

Austin Vincent

Trevor Bahrman