The healthcare industry is rapidly growing as is the need for a modern technological infrastructure. The process of sending and receiving patient information is constantly evolving to become faster and easier. This requires substantial updates to electrical and communication systems, not only at hospitals, but the various walk in clinics and physician’s offices. Compounded by flourishing population numbers in our area, and increasing patient numbers. Healthcare facilities are rapidly expanding to accommodate this extra surge in patients.


As consumers, in this day and age, we are expecting our online purchases faster and easier to obtain.This has led to a widespread development of warehousing and production facilities to keep up with the demand. There has been a large growth in our area of these types of buildings that require large electrical services and large volumes of equipment and systems to keep them efficient and running smooth.



Restaurants rely on their reliable power systems to ensure service to their customers. They also utilize their lighting and lighting control systems to make sure the restaurant is an inviting space for guests. Ambiance and mood are a large part of a restaurants reason for repeat business.


The needs of the agricultural industry have been growing immensely over the last decade. Automated processes have led to companies being able to track their production and minimize troubleshooting and downtime.


With the online market, retailers in this day and age have to be creative and bring fresh ideas to the market to ensure the future of retail shopping. Retail stores focus on their overall design including lighting and signage to sell their “brand”. Building automation systems are keeping retail owners informed about their electrical systems and are able to make changes from remote locations when several locations are involved. This technology has been essential in keeping retail chains productive and cost effective.



Recreation Facilities

In the age of technology it has been more important than ever to ensure that there are outdoor
activities available to both the public and private sectors. Communities invest into their parks
departments leading to need for electrical systems such as lighting, water supply, and events that may take place at their parks such as concerts, speakers, community services, or carnivals. Education facilities strive to maintain and update their sports complexes to ensure that their sports teams are getting the most out of their experiences.