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Jonathan Murphy

Low Voltage System Project Manager, BEI

Jonathan “Murdoc” Murphy is a project manager for our Low Voltage Division at BEI Electrical. He has been a part of BEI Electrical since April of 2011, starting as a helper and then grew in the company and helped to develop and manage the Low Voltage Division. At an early age, Jon had interested in pro audio and stage production. As he further realized what direction he wanted to go in his career, he completed programs at the Schuylkill Technology Institute and was able to be a part of the construction of the Flying Turns roller coaster at Knobels. This experience lead Jon to go to college and get a degree in construction management and technology. Following graduation, he got a job at BEI and has completed trainings and received certifications on a large variety of low voltage systems. Outside of work, Jon maintains his interests in music and pro audio with his wife who works in the radio industry.

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